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Private Tutor Tips™
Reading comprehension is the key to success in any classroom. It’s imperative for students to develop a varie [...] Read More
Posted by Dave
rather than learn & retain vocabulary using a list or flashcards...create a foldable...there are many resources [...] Read More
Posted by Lauren Ackerman
Always read directions carefully.Never spend too much time on any one question because you may limit the time you h [...] Read More
First and foremost, a child MUST have a clear understanding of the basic concepts in math. This means, for example, [...] Read More
There is a great website that helps your child with his or her study skills. I have l [...] Read More
Posted by Cindy
Always, always remember to make every sentence refer, in some way, to the topic.  Never go off on a tangent. [...] Read More
Posted by Helena